Tissue Specific Expression Table

Name Function Tissue specific expression Citation
piwi-1 Protein that promotes stem cell maintenance and differentiation. stem cells (neoblasts) Reddien et al., 2005
pc2 Enzyme whose activity is the proteolytic processing of prohormones to mature neuropeptides. nervous system Collins et al., 2010
opsin-like Light-sensitive proteins with the ability to convert photons (light) into electrochemical signal. eyes Sánchez Alvarado and Newmark, 1999
porcupine-like Protein involved in the pathway of lipid metabolism. gut branches Gurley et al., 2008
laminin-like Fibrous protein present in the basement membrane of epithelia. pharynx Cebrià and Newmark, 2007
innexin Transmembrane protein involved in the formation of channels permeable to ions and small molecules. Protonephridia (kidney) Oviedo and Levin, 2007
collagen Elongated fibrils mostly found in fibrous tissues, such as muscle tissue. muscle Witchley et al., 2013
ifb Intermediate filament protein B, a cytoplasmic molecule involved in mechanical strength and structure attachment in epidermal cells. D/V edge Molina et al., 2011
slit Secreted midline protein with repulsive activity that prevents some cells to cross the body plan midline. midline Cebrià et al., 2007
sfrp-1 Secreted frizzled-related protein and modulator of wnt signaling. anterior end Gurley et al., 2008
frizzled-like Wnt receptor involved in the maintenance of posterior tissues. posterior end Gurley et al., 2008



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